The Ultimate Way to Picnic Green: Boxal

You never know where you will find a really cool new product or inspiration, and last week when I attended 'til Midnight at the Nasher Sculpture Center I was thrilled to discover the Boxsal. What the heck is a Boxal you ask? Excellent question! It's a great, green, creative way to pack up a picnic to enjoy at your favorite spot. Made entirely from recyclable materials, the Boxal includes cutlery, plates, bowls, napkins and glasses for four. Also included is a compostable trash bag so you can dispose of your items properly but you might want to keep the very stylish Boxal picnic box to use for your next picnic or any other use that you imagine. Boxals have three distinctive boxes that you can choose from, but my favorite is the Today's Date box. Reminiscent of a paint by numbers canvas from days gone by (do they still make these?) I can see how this would be the perfect project to keep kids or bored adults busy in any environment.
Your own Boxal can be purchased at the Nasher Sculpture Center Store at NorthPark or at the Sculpture Center. You can also check online at the Boxal site to find a location nearest you.

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